Godrules Responds To “Edifying Others” Accusations & Judgments

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Orthodoxy Is Defined By the Ecumenical Councils and Summated in the Nicene Creed:

What is Heresy? (When you don’t accept Orthodoxy as seen in Nicene Creed):

Nicene Creed (Filioque Controversy):

Wisdom is Described as one of the Persons of the Trinity, and is a Female:

Wisdom of Solomon (same person who wrote Proverbs):
6 For wisdom is a kindly spirit, yet she does not acquit blasphemous lips; Because God is the witness of the inmost self and the sure observer of the heart and the listener to the tongue.
7 For the spirit of the LORD fills the world, is all-embracing, and knows whatever is said.

Supporting Evidence That The Holy Spirit is a Feminine:

Jürgen Moltmann on The Holy Spirit as a Feminine Spirit

Jürgen Moltmann on The Holy Spirit as a Feminine Spirit

Edifying Others Continually Quotes This Verse About Admonition of Heretics:
* However, he doesn’t seem to know what a heretic even is (as defined by the early Church).

John MacArthur’s Error (denies power of God):

Other False Gospel Preachers Like Stephen Anderson:
* Lasciviousness = Riotness = Lawlessness (Stephen Teaches: You don’t need Jesus as Lord, and you don’t need to repent of sins, just believe and you can continue in sin and make it to Heaven).

Works of the Flesh & Fruits of the Spirit:


Jesus Loves People, BUT… – Romans 2:1-11 – Skip Heitzig

In this last message of our series Jesus Loves People, we want to bring equilibrium to the series itself. It’s true that God loves people. It’s equally true that He hates evil and the practice of it. Today we want to show how both the wrath of God and the love of God are integral parts of the nature of God Himself. This is crucial so that we don’t distort Him to the world and mislead people eternally. Let’s consider three requirements for representing the God who loves people.

This teaching is from our series Jesus Loves People with Skip Heitzig from Calvary Albuquerque.